Okay, the new blog has been up and running for some time now, but I forgot to say that here so please visit the new site and update your links or feeds and enjoy the new posts!  This blog will not longer be used.  Thanks for visiting!!

Keiko / Small Adventure


After much thinking, I’ve decided to move my blog to blogger.  It would just be much easier since everyone I know is on blogger and it seems like an easier system for me to handle right now anyway.  But I think it’ll be okay since this blog is so new and I don’t think there are many followers.  The new blog address will be:  asmalladventure.blogspot.com.  It’s one letter different than before since “smalladventure” by itself was taken.  I will probably repost all these old posts so that I can have everything all together. See you on the other side!


This is another book that I want. Badly. It has directions on how to bind together books using all kinds of traditional techniques. I’ve held off for years trying to properly bind a book because all the directions in the books I looked at appeared to be just slightly unclear. So I guess I didn’t want to put in the extra effort to try to figure it out. But now! There is this book! And it looks awesome. And includes super easy looking directions for me to follow.















After many years of collecting image after image of cool looking apartments and houses, this remains one of my top favorites.  This is the two bedroom apartment of the band, Blonde Redhead.  The two main singers are married, I believe, and were featured in Domino awhile back.  I tore out and pasted these images into the very first pages of my inspiration notebook and not much else has topped it yet.  I wouldn’t call their apartment amazing in any design-related context, but I really love that their apartment is clean, yet very casually put together with the use of such soft colors (even though I do enjoy brighter colors, too, and are probably more naturally attracted to them) and really awesome antiques and old wallpapers.  Someday when Malachi and I get a bigger place I will try to emulate the feel of this apartment.



This is the new book that I want.  Garden Anywhere.  It’s from Chronicle Books.  Maker of fine books everywhere. The lady in the pictures, who is also the author?, dresses way cool in it.  The printing is beautiful and the photographs are neat.  It will teach you how to create gardens in tiny spaces.  Like mine!  You should pick it up at your local bookstore.



Today is the second day that I am sick and staying home from work.  Although I hate being sick, I started thinking about the good things that occur when I am sick.  Hot tea with honey in a mug that I’ve had since I was a little kid, a nice husband to take care of me, an overcast day to make me feel homey, and, of course, not being at work!  I will put on a tv on dvd show and probably do some cross stitching or something relaxing.  Thanks immune system!



some japanese noodle packaging that i think is cool looking.



a print my friend anna gave us for christmas!  it is SUPER sweet and beautifully illustrated/designed.  not the best picture of it as my apartment is quite dark today and my sister stole my better lens.  anna works for hello! lucky, an awesome letterpressing studio that you have probably already heard of and love.





we had a nice, but rushed valentine’s day breakfast since we had to be somewhere.  the food isn’t in this picture, but it turned out pretty well.





oh yeah!  i finally put up my first two etsy items for sale.  here they are.  thank you to the 7 people who added me as a favorite shop even though there wasn’t anything in it, yet!